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Thank we for choosing Addicted to Auto

Addicted to Auto is your unapproachable veteran-owned, locally-owned automotive correct and upkeep specialist.

Your automobile is an investment. Don’t wait until a problems underneath a hood are too large to manage. Addicted to Auto’s medicine services safeguard your automobile stays in tip figure and a small problems don’t spin into worse problems.



Addicted to Auto’s Services Include:



Having your automobile legalised ensures your automobile runs improved for a longer duration of time. We can locate those small inner issues before they ever turn a problem. Best of all, Addicted to Auto offers FREE inspections!

General Car Truck Services

Tire rotations, vigour checks, wiper blades, bulbs, oil changes, tune-ups, window regulators, and more!


Brake pads, rotors, complement bleeding, ABS diagnostics/repair, and more!

Engine Maintenance Repair

Check engine light diagnostics, timing belt, timing chains, electrical strap testing, oil trickle repair, and more!


Trans liquid and filter change, diagnostics and inspections, send case, clutches, leaking seals, striped out fill plugs, and more!



Electrical Diagnostics


Suspension Repair


Diesel Engine Services


To report your zero-obligation, FREE inspection, call Addicted to Auto – 208-401-4354




“Knowledgeable, friendly, and honest mechanic. we was pushing from a Midwest to a West Coast when my stifle started giving me difficulty around Twin Falls. Thankfully Logan was around and he got me behind on a highway in mins and a correct is still holding up! Highly recommended!”

-Matt G.

“I am an over a highway ‘Hotshotter’ using a nation pulling a prolonged trailer. we ran into difficulty in Twin Falls and Logan was there to help. It is unequivocally tough to find an honest automechanic when we are from out of city and unequivocally disposed to be taken advantage of. Logan is as honest as a day is prolonged and was unequivocally easy to my situation. we would rarely suggest him to anyone.”

-Eric S.

“I initial went to Logan when my automobile was stalling each time we would go to delayed down. It was after normal business hours when we found him online. He got me right in and he finished a same night! He is unequivocally knowledgeable, honest, and professional. He has good use and good rates! Every time there is a problem with my automobile or we only have a doubt he’s a initial one we call. Have not been disappointed… for certain my go to mechanic.”

-TJ C.

“Logan was extraordinary and unequivocally associating about vehicles. Would suggest him to anyone. Fast and reliable.”

-Bailre B.


“Had a good experience. Great prices and unequivocally good man to work with!”

-Sandra H.

Contact Information For

Addicted to Auto

1300 Kimberly Road • Twin Falls, ID 83301


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