Automakers Need To Consider Women Customers More Thoughtfully

  • by Tanya Gazdik,

    3 hours ago

Women consumers are deliberate to be one of the world’s largest rising markets, incomparable than China and India combined, pronounced Bridget Brennan, author of “Why
She Buys” and CEO of Female Factor, a Chicago-based consulting and training firm.

Yet a automotive attention is still mostly dominated by organisation who unequivocally don’t have a organisation hoop on
what influences this outrageous consumer group, she says. 

Women are removing some-more prepared and earning some-more income than ever before, she says. Even if they aren’t creation a actual
purchase, they are frequently influencers or a halt opinion behind someone else’s purchase.

The Chicago Auto Show teamed with Female Factor, Women in Automotive Conference and She Buys
Cars to horde a luncheon and row contention focusing on women in a automotive attention and selling vehicles to women. 



Brennan moderated a event, entitled “What Drives
Her.” The row featured Kathy Gilbert, executive of sales and business growth during CDK Global, a play support company; Candice Crane, clamp boss of play solutions during Hireology, a
data-driven employing program and talent merger record for sell automobile dealerships and authorization systems; and Jody Hall, clamp boss automotive selling during Steel Market Development
Institute who formerly worked for General Motors for 30 years. 

The Chicago Auto Show broadcast the
event on Facebook Live where it is still accessible for viewing.

Brennan wrote a book “Why She Buys” after carrying a bad knowledge during a automobile dealership. 

“I was
not usually treated rudely, we was mocked,” she recalls. “That peddler had never been taught how to emanate a patron knowledge for a woman. we finished adult shopping a automobile during a different

All other things being equal, women wish to feel like a chairman they are purchasing from deserves a business, that they warranted it, she says. 

Currently only
one-quarter of positions in a automobile attention are hold by women, Brennnan says. Increasing that series would assistance a automakers be in a softened position to know their womanlike customers.  Hall said
things had softened given a 1980s when she was during GM and a organisation in Detroit suspicion they knew best what everybody else wanted to drive. 

Gilbert says removing some-more women into high
positions during dealerships would be useful since women know women. 

“Women dealers know women business and they wish a story, ‘why do we wish this vehicle,’
‘what do we wish it will yield for you?’” Gilbert says. Women wish to build a attribute with their peddler and they wish to be means to suggest them and lapse for future
purchases, she adds. 

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