Axalta Lets Trade Journalists Feel a ‘WOW’ Factor of Spraying Waterborne Paint

Painters are creatures of habit. So when vendors began enlivening U.S. physique shops to use their waterborne products about a decade ago, many shops pushed back.

“Painters, for a many part, rebelled during first,” pronounced Harry Christman, Cromax code manager for Axalta Coating Systems. “Since they’d been spraying well-off for many years, and had grown good imagination during it, that rebellion was utterly understandable. Any time there’s new technology, it’s firm to means some pushback.”

However, as a organisation of automotive trade reporters schooled during a Jan. 30 product proof during Axalta’s training trickery in Pomona, Calif., waterborne paint is a ideally viable choice to normal solvent-based products – generally for shops that need to approve with low-VOC mandates or revoke their cycle times.

The Los Angeles area was a healthy environment to declare a virtues of waterborne coatings. In 2008, a Southern California Air Quality Management District (now famous as a South Coast Air Quality Management District) was a initial in a republic to charge despotic boundary on a VOC calm of basecoat and clearcoat finishes practical to vehicles, when it nice a Rule 1151. (Many shops remember that Rule 1151, that dates behind to 1988, was a procedure for high-volume, low-pressure mist guns.)

BodyShop Business Senior Editor Josh Cable, with assistance from Axalta Technical Instructor Mike Fowler, relates a Spies Hecker Hi-TEC waterborne basecoat during Axalta’s Learning and Development Center in Pomona, Calif.

From a start, Axalta avoided a clumsy proceed to offered a waterborne products in a United States, charity them as an choice though calming emporium owners that a association will continue to support their solvent-based needs as well. While many shops – generally in farming areas – still devise to hang with solvent-based coatings until they positively have to switch, altogether there’s a lot reduction insurgency to waterborne coatings today, Christman said.

“I’ve finished some focus-group work and we don’t consider you’ll find a physique emporium anywhere that won’t contend they’ll be spraying waterborne one day,” he added.

For those that are creation a change to waterborne coatings, they’ll find that there’s no drop-off in quality, tone compare or durability. In fact, Christman noted, since waterborne paint has a thinner film, “it’s indeed some-more chip-resistant than solvent.”

Today’s waterborne record offers other advantages. As trade reporters saw firsthand, waterborne coatings are intensely forgiving, enabling someone who has never sprayed before to furnish a good paint pursuit a initial time out of a gun. Donning full-body Tyvex suits, air-purifying respirators, protecting goggles and nitrile gloves, reporters practical a waterborne basecoat and clearcoat to a riding-lawnmower-sized car hood regulating a wet-on-wet process, and were means to grasp high-quality formula in a fragment of a time it would’ve taken with a solvent-based product.

Harry Christman, Cromex code manager for Axalta Coating Systems

Axalta has conducted identical demonstrations during a SEMA Show, with a idea of display business how easy it is to paint with waterborne technology. Axalta touted these demonstrations as “WOW! Sessions,” a curtsy to a “wow” cause that comes with spraying a waterborne coatings. At a same time, a association wants to learn users on a differences between a waterborne and solvent-based portrayal processes.

“There could be a disproportion in a approach H2O lays down, and a approach we mix waterborne competence also be opposite from a approach we mix solvent,” Christman explained. “It’s not harder; it’s only different. So that’s been partial of a challenge, to learn folks about a differences.”

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