BMW to Remain Automotive Sponsor for USA Swimming Through …

USA Swimming is gratified to announce a delay of a longtime partnership with BMW as central automotive unite by 2020. BMW will continue to support in a growth of record to urge contestant opening in a pool, a swell of that will be featured in a digital calm series.

Since 2010, BMW has teamed adult with USA Swimming to precedence a technological and engineering imagination to urge a opening of chosen athletes heading adult to a 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. Specifically, a partnership will pull on BMW’s product pattern and growth capabilities and exclusive SwimTech record that will lane swimmers during training and yield qualitative feedback in real-time to urge mechanics and boost a potency of strokes.

“Our impasse with USA Swimming and with a Olympic transformation in ubiquitous has always been about a athletes, initial and foremost,” pronounced Trudy Hardy, Vice President of Marketing, BMW of North America.  “I’m unapproachable to contend that a collaborations with U.S. Paralympic Track Field and USA Bobsled Skeleton have resulted in a total 10 Olympic and Paralympic medals.  It is a wish that we can continue this run of success and assistance a athletes of USA Swimming strech their goals.”

The SwimTech record will be featured in a digital calm array constructed by USA Swimming Productions and digitally distributed by corner online and amicable channels. The calm array will concentration on information analytics, improving technique and record that will boost swimming performance.

“Teaming adult with BMW gives us a eventuality to yield training collection for all levels of a membership by BMW’s technique focused digital calm series,” pronounced Matt Farrell, Chief Marketing Officer for USA Swimming. “Through dual Olympic Games BMW has helped a U.S. attain in a pool, and we’re vehement to extend this to a grassroots turn and safeguard a swimming success of destiny generations.”

As partial of a partnership, BMW will have a rights to use USA Swimming outlines and activate during name events by 2020. The association will also yield a one-year franchise on a new car as a grand esteem to a masculine and womanlike indicate winners of USA Swimming’s annual locus Pro Swim Series.

In jubilee of a partnership, BMW will offer a squeeze inducement to all USA Swimming’s 400,000 members on BMW and MINI vehicles. Members will have entrance effective immediately by their Deck Pass comment and a Deck Pass Perks program. Log into Deck Pass by

BMW will also have rights to do an eventuality activation during a 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming. At a 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming, BMW took beginning as a AquaZone rewards pretension sponsor. The rewards module perceived 23,136 participants and presented one raffle leader a one-year BMW X1 lease.

Other partnership elements embody resources such as promotional support for BMW exam expostulate events, advertisements in Splash Magazine (a 275,000 dissemination quarterly announcement sent approach to USA Swimming members), desert of a digital calm series, a right to use USA Swimming marks, eventuality activation during USA Swimming authorised meets and signage and a VIP list for a annual Golden Goggle Awards.

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