Bureau of Automotive Repair releases video for no-cost automobile physique investigation …

SACRAMENTO – The Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) has expelled a brief video for a No-Cost Auto Body Inspection Program.

The module provides consumers with no-cost car inspections to safeguard all collision repairs listed on their automobile physique correct check were finished correctly.

“The Auto Body Inspection Program is a good apparatus for drivers who have recently been in a collision and have had automobile physique correct done,” pronounced Bureau Chief Patrick Dorais.

“To a untrained eye, it can be tough to tell if a correct was finished rightly and either or not a vehicle’s reserve has been compromised,” Dorais said. “This module is really easy to attend in and provides consumers with assent of mind about any automobile physique repairs they might have had performed.”

The video facilities an tangible consumer who has used a program, explains how a module works and how to hit BAR to participate.

The video can be seen above.

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