Collision Repair Market to Reach $200B by 2022

Feb. 3, 2017—According to Global Market Insights, the automotive collision correct marketplace is approaching to strech $200B by 2022.

The report states that flourishing direct for softened correct peculiarity in vast and middle shops is approaching to expostulate a automotive collision correct marketplace share. Increasing consumer welfare toward buying modernized and technologically versed vehicles will expostulate car sales and infer auspicious for a automotive collision correct marketplace size.

The coming of new reserve technologies—which includes line depart warning complement (LDWS), involuntary high-beam control, night prophesy and pedestrian control, brazen collision repair, and unconstrained puncture braking, etc.—are approaching to revoke collisions as good as astringency of a accident. Incorporation of these arguable technologies in vehicles will curb a attention demand. Improving highways and roadways infrastructure will reduce a pile-up rate, that in spin will negatively impact a automotive collision correct marketplace growth.   

Customers cite regulating certified channels over other alternatives due to low rate of depreciation. Vehicles comparison than a operation of four to eight years are customarily garaged during eccentric channels or tiny workshops overdue to reduce cost advantage over certified channels and unavailability of parts.

Paints and coatings accounted for 20 percent of a automotive collision correct marketplace share in 2014 and will grow significantly from 2015 to 2022. This expansion can be attributed to rising direct for peculiarity and rival paint jobs. Increasing trade in civic areas presents high risk of tiny crashes and teenager dents, that need touchups for restoring a car to a strange appearance.

Light avocation car correct direct will transcend $150 billion by 2022. Fuel economy initiatives by OEMs and regulatory bodies are also set to enlarge car sales and yield a expansion height for a industry.


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