Dallas ‘power couple’ to seem tonight on CNBC’s ‘Blue Collar Millionaires’

The Boss Builders Outlet Super Store, located off I-35E in northwest Dallas, is one of many places in that area that has a clarity of anonymity about it: If we weren’t looking for it, we competence not comprehend it’s there.

Then again, it is a brief stretch from Gas Monkey Garage, a automobile emporium that’s turn an sovereignty interjection to Discovery’s “Fast N’ Loud.” And tonight, The Boss — and a bosses — will get a possess shot during national-TV courtesy when owners Richard and Rachel Bell are featured on CNBC’s “Blue Collar Millionaires” (9 p.m., CNBC).

The series, narrated by nation singer/actor Tim McGraw, is described as celebrating “working-class group and women who’ve managed to build fortunes with zero though mud, sweat, and tears.” The part featuring a Bells is called “The Mammoth Hunter,” that has zero to do with a Bells though with one of a other working-class people featured in a hour, “An Alaska transplant who incited ivory tusks into a huge fortune.”

As for a Bells, Richard is described in a summary as “a former competition automobile automechanic whose bonus home products store put him on a highway to riches.” Spoiler alert: The Boss’ website already tells a story of how The Boss “started in a 2-car garage with a pallet of climax frame and a hint of inspiration.” Richard stretched a business to a indicate where it indispensable a 3,000-square-foot room and afterwards a 35,000-square-foot room with some-more than a million block feet of inventory.

The broadside materials for “Blue Collar Millionaires” stress a relations unpretentiousness of a subjects: “at a finish of a work day, they expostulate home to their magnificent palace and park their pick-up subsequent to their collection of high-end sports cars. No doubt about it – these are not your standard millionaires.” McGraw narrates: “These folks deposit in sidestep trimmers, not in sidestep funds.”

The Bells seem in a third shred of a half-hour uncover (the part also facilities “a Filipino newcomer whose high-tech smoothness use is pushing adult profits”). In a media preview granted by CNBC, a Bells (billed as “The Hot Rods of Home Goods”) contend their store differs from other home-good stores since they concentration on a pro, i.e., on contractors who buy a flooring, cabinetry and other materials offering by The Boss. The Boss, by a way, is an ancronym for … Builders Outlet Super Store.

We also get to see a Bells’ $800,000 residence (which uses a lot of materials from The Boss, of course, though also has such automotive touches as a automobile griddle mounted above a doorway).

There’s more, including a large squeeze Richard done for himself when he had a bucks to do it, though we’ll leave that adult to a show.

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