East Baton Rouge School Board gives initial OK to find construction …

A long-planned $17 million career-focused high propagandize altered closer to violation belligerent Thursday as a East Baton Rouge Parish School Board gave indeterminate capitulation to seeking bids to erect a 34,000-square-foot structure in Melrose East.

The house also modernized a devise to change to a new tyro information government complement during a cost of some-more than $1 million a initial year and $448,000 a year after that.

Both equipment warranted indeterminate capitulation unanimously — board member Dawn Collins was absent — and will lapse to a house Feb. 16 for final approval.

The new career high propagandize was one of several construction projects named on a open 2008 list when electorate renewed a 1-cent sales tax. It has been of zealous seductiveness to a handful of distinguished business leaders meddlesome in some-more training programs to furnish learned workers.


After years of consideration, School Board to discuss $17 million career-themed high school

Almost a decade in a making, a career-themed high propagandize to be built behind a aged Bon Ma…

If finally approved, bids would be non-stop Apr 4 with construction starting after that month. The execution date would be Aug 2018, dual years after than creatively planned.

The due propagandize would be situated within a scarcely 200-acre still-to-be-built, mixed-use residential growth famous as Ardendale, before Smiley Heights. The growth is usually north of Florida Boulevard and stretches between Ardenwood Drive and Lobdell Avenue. The new high propagandize would be in a northeast dilemma of a tract, opposite a travel from Baton Rouge Community College’s new automotive training center, that non-stop in August.

The high school, now called Ardendale Technical Education Center, is set to offer training sessions twice a day in 4 areas: mechanism science, medical fields, learned crafts and manufacturing. Specific training would operation from plumbing to puncture medical technician to web design. Students would come presumably in a morning or in a afternoon from other open high schools in Baton Rouge. No some-more than 150 students would get training during a propagandize during any given time.

No one spoke opposite a plan Thursday and house members asked few questions.

Ed Jenkins, module manager with CSRS/Tillage Construction, presented a architectural skeleton prepared by Domain Architecture in Baton Rouge. Jenkins pronounced a construction was behind since a propagandize complement motionless to acquire another 11-acre tract for a school, putting a distance of a whole site during about 20 acres.

Jenkins pronounced there’s some room to enhance a propagandize in a destiny in a northeast dilemma yet that area is deliberate wetlands, yet he pronounced he thinks they are synthetic and not healthy and that that wetlands nomination could presumably be altered in a destiny if need be.


A career-oriented high propagandize in Baton Rouge on a verge of shutting this month will sojourn …

The change to a new tyro information government complement is something propagandize officials have been weighing for months. The propagandize complement now uses eSchool, combined by Pennsylvania-based Sungard, and has for years used other Sungard products.

If finally authorized Feb. 16, a change would take place by Jul 1.

Deputy Superintendent Michelle Clayton pronounced 84 percent of a open propagandize districts in Louisiana use a program complement that technically goes by a name JCampus, yet many still call it what it’s been called for years, JPAMs. Clayton used it for years when she worked for Zachary open schools.

She pronounced a software, done by Shreveport-based EDgear, has some-more capabilities than eSchool and is closely aligned with a information mandate of a Louisiana Department of Education.

“We feel (JPAMs) will unequivocally supplement value to a schools and yield a some-more fit indication for what we do in a propagandize district,” Clayton said.

Areas where Clayton says JPAMs beats eSchools is it is permitted by any web browser rather than usually Internet Explorer, has improved patron service, offers a incomparable accumulation of facilities that work most better, requires fewer stairs to lift processes and allows users to emanate a far-reaching accumulation of reports rather than relying on specifically lerned personnel.

Clayton pronounced a propagandize system’s chronicle of eSchool works usually with versions of Internet Explorer so aged they will shortly no longer be serviced and would need costly upgrading if a propagandize complement keeps a software.

“We are during a crotch right now,” Clayton said.

The initial cost of changeable to JPAMs would be during slightest $1 million yet could go adult to $200,000 some-more depending on how many facilities a propagandize complement adopts. Clayton pronounced a stream guess is that after a initial expense, JPAMs would cost about $3,000 reduction a year than eSchool.

“It’s not a lot, yet it will concede us a lot some-more capability,” she said.

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