Elon Musk May Launch Tesla in India Soon. But is India Ready?

When Elon Musk hinted on removing Tesla cars to India in summer of 2017, many in India applauded his twitter respond though did anyone cruise if India is prepared for such a intelligent car?

Well, many wish to get their hands on one, though thereafter consider about it, there are so many things that these cars can do, and if we expostulate one in India there is customarily so tiny that we would be means to use. Let’s have a existence check here.

How are Tesla cars opposite from a cars accessible in India?

Till date, Tesla has denounced 4 models. The initial one was a Tesla Roadster.

The hum unequivocally started with Tesla S, world’s initial 100 percent electric sedan. It now has 7 variants of it adult for sale.

This was followed by an all-electric SUV named Tesla X that is claimed to be a safest SUV formed on a opening in frontal and side pile-up tests. Talking about a pattern of Tesla cars, one demeanour during them and anyone can tell how fantastically unconventional these cars appear.

In a Indian market, where any vehicle model’s pattern is desirous by a other, Tesla will come as a uncover stopper.

A tiny instance of this is a Tesla Model X that comes with falcon wings, a underline that is still secret in SUV’s or any highway vehicle of any cost operation in India.

Tesla Model X - All electric SUV with Falcon Doors. (Image: Tesla) Tesla Model X – All electric SUV with Falcon Doors.
(Image: Tesla)

In terms of features, Tesla Model S comes with a 17-inch capacitive touchscreen, WiFi and Internet connectivity and onboard maps and navigation with giveaway updates for 7 years. Compare this with a normal arrangement distance inside a vehicle in India, that is customarily 5-inches and to tip it all we customarily get them in a tip variants.

Collectively, these facilities can assistance one navigate via a nation but a hassle.

While Indian cars still onslaught with Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, Tesla will be a outrageous burst in automotive record accessible for a Indian user. Even Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have seen a light of day in India customarily in late 2016.

Apart from a fact that Tesla cars run totally on electricity, programmed pushing is a biggest cause in last a success of Tesla cars. Time and again, Tesla owners have uploaded videos of their cars pushing on their possess but any tellurian submit and even parking it ideally in a parking zone.

None of a cars in India have anything even tighten to this underline and as of now, it usually looks like a apart dream for a Indian vehicle enthusiasts.

Now let us forget autopilot for a while as it needs radar guidance, internet connectivity, mapping, navigation and other hi-fi record to work.

Tesla cars come with self-parking technology. This means that your vehicle can review a highway signs, find a ‘Legal’ parking mark (It won’t park if it is a no-parking zone) and park itself so effortlessly, that it can give some critical pushing tips to many drivers in India. In India, a cheapest vehicle to come with a semi-guided parking support is a Ford Endeavour and you’ll have to bombard out Rs 30 lakh and above to get your hands on one.

(Video: Vimeo, Tesla)

Challenges Tesla Cars will face in India

Tesla cars will face a toughest hurdles if they devise to order a Indian roads. The biggest roadblock for Tesla to come to India with all a excellence is a Autopilot feature.

There is a elementary proof behind this. India lacks by a miracle in terms of broadband connectivity via a nation than all a other countries in that Tesla operates.

No internet coverage = no navigation = no consistent autopilot.

On tip of that self-drive underline relies on radar superintendence and in India if we wish a looseness for that, you’ll have to request for it in a counterclaim ministry.

In serve to this, a Indian roads have always been notorious. Lane changing, Over speeding, forward driving, pushing in a wrong lane, trade lights defilement are all really common occurrences.

Nobody is certain if a candid mechanism mind behind a circle will means to cope adult with this many vigour on a road. Meaning, even if we conduct to buy a Tesla, it’ll mostly be during a mount still if we chose to go all Autopilot on it.

Going back, Elon Musk had to open adult charging stations via US to make Tesla a hit. Till a time a same is not finished in India, charging a Tesla will be a severe assign for an Indian user.

Tesla cars can take adult to 20 mins to assign to half their ability during a Tesla charging station. This takes even longer if charged by home set-ups.

Such time-frame is sufferable in countries like US and UK. In India, a charging time so prolonged will lead to even longer and frustrating queues than seen in front of CNG pumps these days. This is usually singular to a metropolitan. In farming areas, a plea is going to be a mammoth.

To tackle this, Elon Musk will have to open adult a far-reaching network of charging stations via a country. This will again shelve adult his infrastructural expenditure.

Tesla Supercharger - a charging hire for Tesla cars. (Image: Tesla) Tesla Supercharger – a charging hire for Tesla cars.
(Image: Tesla)

Setting adult a Gigafactory

This competence be a biggest ‘good to go’ for a Tesla co-founder in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India beginning entitles many incentives to any unfamiliar association that opens adult a section in India.

If Musk can accumulate adequate financial bravery to take this leap, things might turn easy for him afterwards. Producing a vehicle in India would be many cheaper than producing it anywhere else, given a incentives and a low cost of tellurian labour.

This will eventually move down a cost of Tesla cars in India. Also, Musk will be means to trade units to other countries from here.

Once Tesla gets a reason on a South Asian marketplace with a location-centric production Unit operative for it, it can be financially fast to serve move in a whole list of services to India and a beside countries.

Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada- a bureau where Tesla cars are manufactured. (Image: Tesla) Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada- a bureau where Tesla cars are manufactured.
(Image: Tesla)

What’s India’s Tesla Readiness?

India is one of a biggest markets for many of a vital vehicle companies in a world. The problem with Tesla is, it does not follow in their footsteps.

While other vehicle companies have shifted from Petrol to Diesel to CNG and thereafter to Hybrid, Tesla cars can't feast anything other than electricity.

This means environment adult an wholly opposite infrastructure for powering them.

Though this can be tackled by a home charging appendage that comes with Tesla, it has a possess drawbacks.

First, it takes a lot of time to assign and second and some-more ‘India-centric’ reduction is that a infancy of a race in India lives in apartments. This might not concede them to entrance a charging ports so simply as from an particular house.

As mentioned earlier, Tesla’s Autopilot underline too can't be a large strike in India until a nation ranks aloft in a internet connectivity.

Not to forget, a pushing enlightenment in India will not let a mechanism reinstate a tellurian drivers so easily. This, in serve to a constantly deteriorating conditions of a roads, will serve step-up a plea for Tesla cars.

Tesla Model S. (Image: Tesla) Tesla Model S.
(Image: Tesla)

It will be engaging to see how a futuristically programmed vehicle will perform in India. Autopilot being a biggest USP, there are chances that a models to be launched in India will not be carrying it.

Rest assured, Elon Musk is a man who can be devoted to tackle any plea with pinnacle dedication. Need to make 100 percent electric cars, leave it to him. Need reusable rockets for space exploration, ask Musk and let him take caring of it.

But if anyone can move electric cars to Indian roads and run them successfully right now, it can customarily be Mahindra with a e2o and we all know how many of those things sell in India.

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