Fittipaldi’s 600bhp supercar will be all-carbon design

Two-time Formula 1 universe champion and Indianapolis 500 leader Emerson Fittipaldi has suggested that his new supercar pattern will underline a CO twine monocoque and bodywork.

The new limited-edition car, called a Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina, is being grown in and with eminent German engineering residence HWA.

Fittipaldi also suggested that a 600bhp, V8 engine would energy a track-day prepared car, that will be denounced on Mar 7 during a Geneva Motor Show on a Pininfarina stand.

“What was critical to me in formulating a EF7 is that a automobile not usually provides pristine passion and adrenaline though will also be forgiving and protected for drivers of all ability levels,” pronounced Fittipaldi from Monaco, where he is attending a Laureus Sports Awards.

“Owner-drivers can design reliability, reduce upkeep cost and minimal automechanic and tech teams – that means some-more time and exhilaration on a track.”

The Pininfarina-designed appurtenance will also be accessible in a Gran Turismo series, a Sony PlayStation racing franchise.

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