Franklin Park Zoning Board of Appeals updates parking regulations for automobile correct and tobacco shops

The Zoning Board of Appeals acts as a Recommending Board to a Board of Trustees and binds hearings for redeeming uses, variances to skill lot requirements, and hears content amendments for changes to a zoning code. The Zoning Board reserve a created report, assembly a standards compulsory by a zoning ordinance, to a Village Board for origination of new Village ordinances impending to a situation.

Here are a mins as supposing by Franklin Park:


MINUTES OF JANUARY 4, 2017 – 7:00 P.M.

1. The frequently scheduled assembly of a Zoning Board of Appeals was called to sequence during 7:00 p.m.

2. A quorum was present. Gil Snyder, Chairman Mark Cwik, Kathy Mennella, George Snarski, Bruce Boreson, , Lisa Manzo (Secretary), Matt Welch (Village Attorney) and Zoe Heidorn (Village Planner). Absent: Frank Grieashamer.

3. Member Boreson done a suit to accept a mins of Dec 7, 2016.

The suit was seconded by Member Mennella and authorized to place them on record as presented.

4. New Business: ZBA 16-25

Village of Franklin Park

Text Amendment

9500 W. Belmont Avenue

Chairman Cwik settled that this conference is for a Text Amendment to Village Code territory 9-8-4 per parking regulations for vehicle correct uses and Village Code sections 9-5B-3, 9-5G-3 and 9-6C-3, per a law of tobacco shops.

Member Boreson done a suit to enter in any and all dialect reports, memos, new and revised reports and testimony into a record. Member Mennella seconded a motion. All in favor. The suit was carried.

Chairman Cwik called a postulant adult during this time. He asked a postulant to pointer in and be sworn in. Ms. Zoe Heidorn, Village Planner, petitioner, came forward. She sealed in and was sworn in.

Ms Heidorn gave her display to a members saying that this conference is for a Text Amendment to Village Code territory 9-8-4 per parking regulations for vehicle correct uses and Village Code sections 9-5B-3, 9-5G-3 and 9-6C-3, per a law of tobacco shops as follows:

In a box of ZBA 16-25, a Text Amendment to Title 9 of Village Code, Ms. Heidorn settled that staff is recommending changes to:

1) Parking regulations for vehicle correct uses and

2) The law of tobacco shops

Ms. Heidorn settled that ZBA 16-25 was publicly beheld for and presented during a ZBA’s Dec assembly though a equipment we are addressing now were continued to today’s assembly to means additional time for research.

Ms. Heidorn explained that in sequence to yield some-more clarity and coherence in a Village’s zoning regulations, staff is recommending that an off-street parking requirement be combined for vehicle correct uses. Because Village Code does not now yield a specific requirement, vehicle correct uses have been personal as both “General commercial” and “Manufacture and industrial” for a purpose of last an off travel parking requirement.

Ms. Heidorn described consult of a off-street parking mandate for vehicle correct uses opposite circuitously and identical municipalities to surprise a recommendation for an off travel parking requirement. With a regard that a parking needs of existent vehicle correct comforts are mostly incomparable than their capacity, staff recommends adopting a comparatively high off-street parking requirement while gripping within a operation of a mandate surveyed. Staff is proposing that 2 spaces be supposing per use bay, and 1 space per employee. Secondly, staff is recommending changes to a law of tobacco shops, that are now a Conditional Use in a C-2, C-3, DT-1 and DT- 2 zoning districts. Village Code territory 4-7-1 defines tobacco shops as follows:

Retail tobacco store: A sell investiture that does not assent a expenditure of food or beverages on a premises, and derives some-more than eighty (80) percent of a sum income from a sale of lax tobacco, plants, or spices and cigars, cigarettes, pipes, and other smoking inclination for blazing tobacco and associated smoking accessories and in that a sale of other products is merely incidental. “Retail tobacco store” does not embody a tobacco dialect or territory of a incomparable blurb investiture or any investiture with any form of liquor, food, or grill license.

Ms. Heidorn explained that state law prohibits smoking in businesses, restaurants and bars, sell tobacco stores are free if some-more than 80 percent of income is from a sale of tobacco and accessories. Village Code is aligned with a state’s regulations on indoor smoking.

Ms. Heidorn settled that, according to mixed studies, several of that are referenced in a staff memorandum, a firmness and plcae of smoking establishments have an outcome on a superiority of tobacco use among youth.

Researchers have suggested that zoning restrictions focused around schools might be a successful approach to revoke a approach and surreptitious sales of tobacco to students.

With tobacco shops listed as a Conditional Use in many of Franklin Park’s blurb zoning districts, a tobacco emporium could be authorized to work along one of a Village’s blurb arterials and in several instances, directly adjacent to a school. Examples embody Hester Junior High School, Passow Elementary School and Enger School. If a destiny tobacco emporium were to accommodate State requirements, it could also obtain an grant to assent indoor smoking.

With investigate substantiating a disastrous impact of tobacco retailers on a tobacco use of youth, staff is recommending that “Tobacco shops” be private as a Conditional Use in a C-2, C-3, DT-1 and DT-2 districts and combined as a Conditional Use in a O’Hare Corridor Business Opportunity Overlay District. Because a district is designed to accommodate adult-oriented businesses, a district is located in an industrial area and is not in tighten vicinity to any schools.

She remarkable that tobacco sales as an appendage use will continue to be available underneath this due Text Amendment.

Chairman Cwik non-stop this conference to a open during this time. Chairman Cwik settled that given no open came forward, he sealed open session.

Board Discussion began during 7:08 p.m.

There was smallest contention per this hearing. The members discussed this Text Amendment during this time.

Board Discussion finished during 7:10 p.m.

Member Boreson done a suit to approve ZBA 16-25 for a Text Amendment to Village Code territory 9-8-4 per parking regulations for vehicle correct uses and Village Code sections 9-5B-3, 9-5G-3 and 9-6C-3, per a law of tobacco shops. Member Mennella seconded a motion. Roll Call Vote. Member Mennella-Yes; Member Snarski-Yes; Member Boreson-Yes; Member Snyder-Yes; Chairman Cwik-Yes; Member Grieashamer-Absent. Five (5) Ayes, Zero (0) Nays,

One (1) Absent, Zero (0) Abstain. The suit was carried.

5. Staff Update. Ms. Heidorn settled that there will be a dispersion eventuality over during a aged Motorola site during 9401 Grand Avenue on Jan 25, 2017 during 10:00 a.m.

6. Public Comment: None.

7. A suit was done by Member Boreson to adjourn a assembly of a Zoning Board of Appeals. It was seconded by Member Mennella. All in favor. Motion carried.

The assembly shelved during 7:14 p.m.

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