Honda, Hitachi Teaming Up to Produce Electric Motors for Cars

Developing electric vehicles is a capital-intensive business, and one approach to move down prolongation costs is to furnish them—or during slightest their components—at vast scale. That’s because Honda is partnering with retailer Hitachi Automotive to rise a association that will design, build, and sell electric motors to a Japanese automobile manufacturer as good as to a competitors. 

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo and Hitachi Automotive Systems President Hideaki Seki announced during a press discussion in Tokyo this week that a dual companies have sealed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form a corner try to make and marketplace electric car motors. The due electric engine prolongation association marries Honda’s imagination in automotive pattern with Hitachi’s knowledge as a retailer to Tier 1 manufacturers. 

Hitachi now sells brakes and engine components to Honda, and reserve motors to GM for a Chevrolet Volt. Motors constructed by a corner try will be used in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric vehicles (BEVs). 

Un like many competitors, Honda’s stream prolongation lineup is clearly lacking in long-range BEVs. Like Toyota, Honda has been relying on variety and ultra-efficient vehicles to keep a Corporate Average Fuel Economy low, and formulation on regulating hydrogen fuel cells to answer a zero-emissions sales goals. But a slower-than-anticipated rollout of hydrogen infrastructure is bottlenecking fuel dungeon car growth, and some-more manufacturers seem to be jumping on a electric bandwagon—or during a really least, hedging their bets with it. Honda introduced a Clarity Fuel Cell final year in some states, and is approaching to recover an electric version in a U.S. this year.

Partnerships might be one of a avenues Honda is posterior to locate adult to competitors serve along a electric and unconstrained car commercialization path. Recently Honda announced that it’s operative with General Motors to rise fuel dungeon vehicles; Honda also settled it has sealed a  MOU with Waymo to try regulating a Alphabet-owned subsidiary’s self-driving height in a vehicles

In further to improving electric engine pattern and efficiency, partnering with a mature retailer like Hitachi enables Honda to reduce member prices for itself. And Hitachi’s relations with a tip automobile manufacturers will come in accessible if a new association wants to sell electric car components in larger volume.

The companies devise to pointer a decisive agreement to settle a corner try association during a finish of March. The yet-to-be-named EV engine association will start operations this summer in Hitachinaka City in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, with prolongation and sales operation in a U.S. and China. The new entity will be owned 51 percent by Hitachi Automotive, and 49 percent by Honda. 

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