‘If my automobile needs electrical work, where should we go?’

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Q: My 2003 Honda Accord is good confirmed and is serviced on report always by a same mechanic. Years back, a lights for a heat and radio stations went out. There was a guaranty prolongation since a audio section arrangement could spin dark, though we missed a coverage period. My automechanic would not repair a problem and a Honda play also refused to do electrical work. The easy resolution was to leave a arrangement dark. Late final year, a fan for heater/defroster stopped. My automechanic put in a new fan resistor. Then final week, when usually high speed for a fan would work, he put in another resistor. My automechanic thinks there is an electrical problem and pronounced he will not do any some-more work if there is another problem. My doubt to we is, if this does occur again, where do we turn? Do we need a place that specializes in electrical work? My automechanic pronounced he doesn’t know of such a place. we don’t wish to buy a new car, since altogether this one is in good condition and suits my needs during this time. What should we do?

A: To answer your final doubt first, there are shops that specialize in electrical work, nonetheless many good shops should be means to hoop this form of problem. To repair electrical issues requires a multiple of time, experience, and your money. The heater fan resistor is a really common failure, though there is also a thermal-resistor (thermistor) that can destroy and close down a fan. A technician with a good wiring diagram, technical database, and entrance to sites such as Identifix or IATN (International Automotive Technicians Network) can be a large help.

John Paul, AAA Northeast’s Car Doctor, answers questions from drivers each week. He has 40+ years of knowledge in a automotive business and is an ASE approved master technician.

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