Industry Expert Grant Cardone Endorses VinSolutions

Sales training consultant and New York Times bestselling author Grant Cardone has announced his central publicity of VinSolutions’ automotive CRM, publicly dogmatic Connect a automotive industry’s many effective CRM solution.

Cardone has built a prolonged career and an general repute by assisting salespeople opposite many industries find ignored opportunities and customize a sales routine to grasp improved results. Throughout his 30-plus years of automotive sales believe and training dealerships on how to sell some-more effectively, he has grown insider believe of large dealership program solutions, though he had never permitted one until Connect CRM.

“I’ve been in a automotive attention for decades and I’ve never permitted a specific product given we know things always change, and change customarily comes quickly. That said, I’ve never been some-more tender with a CRM, I’ve never had some-more long-term certainty in one, and I’ve never had one that we was totally confident with until now. This is literally my initial publicity in over 30 years, though it is deserved,” pronounced Grant Cardone.

VinSolutions’ Connect CRM is a usually automotive CRM designed by and for automotive dealers. Awarded for a discerning pattern and singular ability to conduct lead upsurge opposite dealership websites, sales and use departments, Connect CRM gives dealerships a holistic perspective of a customer. And given Connect CRM integrates with a full Connect product suite—from selling to desking and beyond—dealers can use Connect CRM to conduct crew and maximize lead inclination opposite all departments.

“Our number-one idea while building Connect was to emanate a CRM that helps dealers build improved patron connections,” pronounced Dan Moore, comparison executive of selling during VinSolutions. “Being permitted by a sales consultant as well-respected as Grant Cardone is a good confirmation that a resolution is delivering genuine value to a customers.”

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About VinSolutions

VinSolutions helps make each patron tie count by providing particular dealers and play groups with worldly nonetheless easy-to-use program solutions that camber a range of dealership operations. With a cloud-based system, VinSolutions’ all-in-one inner management, sales and use selling solutions height is permitted from anywhere an Internet tie is available, including mobile devices.

VinSolutions has been named to a Inc. 5000 each year given 2011 and has perceived countless attention awards for a innovative products. VinSolutions is OEM approved by each vital manufacturer and is Autosoft, CDK, Reynolds Reynolds, and Dealertrack DMS certified. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Mission, Kansas, VinSolutions is a Cox Automotive™ brand. Visit VinSolutions online during

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