Just What Have We Here?

There was a bit of a warn during a GM Renaissance Center today. As we can see from a photos, there were mixed tradition Chevrolet Camaros surrounded by a film organisation in GM’s round showroom.

Just what is a occasion? Are they New York International Auto Show surprises? Chevy did locate everybody off ensure with a Z/28 proclamation final year, after all. Though they could only as good be movie cars from Transformers 4. But as it turns out, a Camaros seen here are conjunction central Chevrolet concepts, nor are they Autobots (or Decepticons).

They are, in fact, final pattern submissions for TruTV’s new show: “Motor City Masters”. The summary of a automotive pattern existence uncover is to emanate full-scale pattern concepts in a camber of 3 days. These blue and orange Camaro pattern submissions were dual examples of what had to be a half-dozen other Chevys, though a rest were all lonesome adult during a time. Are we a small some-more meddlesome in a new radio module now? Because we are.

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