Local automechanic wins RDC "Transform Your Trade" competition

A internal red sign automechanic looking to start his possess business is removing some assistance from RDC.

Barry Hickey recently won a college’s second annual “Transform Your Trade” competition.

The competition, modelled after CBC’s renouned Dragon’s Den, gave internal entrepreneurs a change to representation their ideas to internal business leaders for a possibility to win $5000 toward starting a tiny business.

Hickey, a 17-year mechanic, presented his business devise for Scent of Metal Automotive Inc.

“I’m looking to yield a low-cost event for internal business to have a protected red sign automechanic for all of their upkeep needs,” he says.

In further to a money prize, Hickey will also accept ongoing mentorship from business leaders.

“Failure is not always an choice though rather a choice one creates in life,” Hickey pronounced about entrepreneurship. “Never give up, if we confirm to pursue your dreams. Complete any day with passion and we are already a winner.”

“Transform Your Trade” was started in 2016 interjection in vast partial to a concession from Jack and Joan Donald, who are no strangers to a entrepreneurial world.

“We feel that many trades persons will eventually start and run their possess businesses,” says Jack Donald. “If we can assistance this routine along and make it easier for even one chairman a year to start something new that’s progress.”

“We have seen a series of new businesses start adult and fail,” adds Joan Donald. “We wish that articulate about a Transform Your Trade foe will assistance some people that are meditative of starting a new business to know that there are a series of stairs to take, and most formulation that contingency be done, before creation that large decision.”

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