Mechanic-in-training breaks mold

Working with her father desirous a seductiveness and now Reed is posterior a grade in automobile diesel mechanics during Washington State Community College.

“Honestly, my comparison year in high school, we had no thought what we wanted to do or go to propagandize for,” pronounced Reed. “In today’s world, we need a grade in only about anything to get a pursuit so we chose a easiest thing for me.”

The Williamstown proprietor pronounced she’s always desired vehicles and operative on them. She attended a Washington County Technical Center in Parkersburg, W.Va. and complicated automobile physique and after worked in a collision correct shop. Reed pronounced a work comes naturally to her, nonetheless it’s not though a few challenges.

“Some things are super tough to do,” she said. “I can’t accurately lift a whole lot of complicated things since I’m little.”

Reed pronounced aside from earthy work, a biggest plea are removing her name out there to eventually find a pursuit during an automotive shop, and of course, being a lady in a man’s world.

Fewer than 2 percent of automobile mechanics are women, according to a United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Everyone has their possess views on women being in a man’s workforce,” pronounced Reed. “Most old-timers will demeanour during we like we don’t go in a emporium and even some younger ones. Men consider that approach though it’s all about how we come opposite to people and how we uncover your value.”

In a classroom, Reed’s ability and enterprise for a courtesy warranted her approval as January’s Student of a Month during Washington State Community College.

“I don’t even demeanour during her gender though rather her ability,” pronounced Auto Diesel Assistant Professor Jeffrey Starkey. “She goes above and over in a classroom and she never turns her behind on a challenge. Her communication skills with essay and vocalization are glorious and her ability to uncover courtesy to fact will assistance her succeed.”

As partial of a requirement for class, Reed contingency say a weekly blog reflecting her training knowledge in a industry. Recently, her blog perceived inhabitant courtesy from a National Automotive Technician Education Foundation and Luscious Garage, a female-owned use core in California that has been featured in publications such as The New York Times.

“There are instances with non-traditional students that are leveling out a personification margin and this is one,” pronounced Starkey. “We live in a dramatically changing universe now.”

Her classmates pronounced they don’t see her as anything other than another student. Dalton Shaffer, 21, of Belle Valley, pronounced he forgets she’s female.

“She’s only like anybody else,” he said. “It unequivocally doesn’t matter that she’s a girl. She’s only as good as any of us guys.”

Reed is enjoying an internship during McMahon Truck Center in Marietta, and has long-term aspirations to pierce west and enhance her ability in opening vehicles and competition top-performance dragsters.

“It’ll always be harder for me to get a pursuit since I’m a lady though we will infer my value in a diesel world,” she said.

“Some people have turn some-more usurpation a longer you’re around and some people couldn’t caring reduction and provide we accurately how they would provide any other mechanic.”

At a glance

¯ Brittany Reed, 20, of Williamstown, is now study automotive record during Washington State Community College.

¯ Reed is referred to as a non-traditional tyro since she is holding a march that’s customarily taken by masculine students.

¯ She hopes to pierce on to work for an automotive emporium or on drag racing vehicles after graduation.

Source: Melissa Richman, communications support dilettante for Washington State Community College.

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