NGK Receives High Scores For CASE-Certified Training Courses



In late January, NGK Spark Plugs partnered with NAPA Auto Parts to yield technicians from northern Illinois with NGK’s initial CASE-accredited Advanced Drivability Training program. NGK Technical Services Manager and CASE instructor Jason Norwood gave solutions to emissions-related problems technicians face each day, with good results, a association says. Participants of NGK’s initial CASE-certified training showed a 43 percent boost in believe of march objectives, according to NGK.

NGK’s CASE-certified march teaches technicians to diagnose emissions-related repairs some-more well and accurately. This eventually prevents comebacks, unfortunate business and high beyond costs for automotive correct shops.

Technicians who attend a Advanced Drivability Training learn a following objectives: diagnosing opposite sensor forms (oxygen and AFR), diagnosing matter potency codes, regulating short-term and long-term fuel trims, scrupulously examining sensor waveforms and regulating bi-direction controls when emissions contrast with Mode $09. Techs also learn about indicate apparatus functionality, such as Mode $06, formerly used usually by OEMs.

Part of NGK’s training module is research of a believe gained by march participants. These total assistance to consider a training needs of mechanics in a field.  Of a 67 techs who attended NGK’s initial CASE-accredited training in January, 85 percent scored high adequate on a post-course examination to accept ASE Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

NGK’s Advanced Drivability Training module is partial of a broader joining to a automotive aftermarket, by the stability growth of preparation in automotive record and diagnostics.

For some-more information about NGK’s CASE approved training module or to report a class, hit Jason Norwood during 877-473-6767 ext. #7107 or [email protected].


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