Openbay Launches Subscription-Service Suite For Auto Repair Shops

Openbay, an online marketplace for automobile repair, has announced a new apartment of subscription services for automotive-service centers to residence hurdles of appropriation and maintaining customers. While today’s consumers are increasingly shopping products and services online, a association says a automobile caring attention hasn’t kept gait with those users’ needs. Openbay’s new apartment of services positions automobile correct businesses to rivet a “always-on” business anytime, and from any device, enabling them to turn and sojourn competitive.

“Owner-operators wish to spend time on their core competency: servicing vehicles and focusing on patron satisfaction,” pronounced Rob Infantino, owner and CEO of Openbay. “The automotive aftermarket attention spoke and we listened and delivered. Openbay’s new use apartment helps preserve worker time spent pricing use inquiries, and helps with patron merger and retention.”

Openbay’s apartment of services includes:

  1. Automated Quote Service (AQS):

Openbay AQS generates minute use quotes for consumers on interest of a shop. AQS-enabled shops bond Openbay with a inner margins and labor rates to beget accurate use quotes, mostly immediately, and save worker time by generating quotes around phone.

AQS-generated quotes embody form of tools (OE or aftermarket), labor rates and estimated execution time, taxes and any emporium price compared with a service. Most quotes are generated in real-time, and non-standard use quotes are sent on interest of shops within mins or hours, 7 days a week, by Openbay’s in-house group of approved use advisers.

Once a quote is generated, consumers might send questions to shops, or find construction around Openbay messaging. Customers examination a business’ ratings and reviews, plcae and use and parts-warranty information before scheduling an appointment with a emporium around a Openbay marketplace.

  1. Service Advisor:

Openbay Service Advisor is a web plugin for automotive use centers’ websites that operates eccentric of a Openbay marketplace. Using Service Advisor, business are means to ask use directly with one emporium around that shop’s website, and immediately accept a tradition quote. Similar to AQS, use quotes are formed on tools margins and labor rates, as pre-populated by a emporium during signup. Once a patron is prepared to book, he or she might report an appointment directly with a shop.

In further to this new service-provider subscription suite, Openbay continues to deposit in a national auto-repair marketplace, regulating a height to expostulate business expansion and consumer convenience.

Service centers regulating OpenbayASP, a mobile app built for automotive-service professionals, can lane all use activity in real-time, respond to patron questions around text, print and video, and accept bookings and remuneration with one tap.

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