O’Reilly Automotive’s CEO is not fearful of Amazon (ORLY)

auto workerO’Reilly Automotive CEO Gregory Henslee doesn’t perspective online retailers like Amazon as a threat.

In a fourth-quarter 2016 gain call on Wednesday morning, UBS Analyst Michael Lasser asked Henslee about a rising online foe within a space, quite on a DIY side.

“We’ve not seen many in a business that’s led us to be unequivocally endangered about it,” pronounced Henslee. “These online retailers have been around for a prolonged time and we comprehend that Amazon is a strongest and a best-run… and I’m a patron for domicile apparatus and other things. But one of a things that - or some of a things that are a separator to entrance for these guys are that we’re in a unequivocally technical business.”

Henslee goes on to explain that when a patron has a problem with their automobile and they don’t know unequivocally know what’s wrong, either a a battery issue, alternator, or starter motor, O’Reilly employees will go out and exam it and assistance business implement what they need. 

“We’ll get them lined adult with a technician to assistance solve their problem if they can’t,” pronounced Haslee in a gain call. “Many times, their problems are what we call driveability problems, they’re associated to sensors, or glimmer complement things that means a check engine light to come on, or a accumulation of things. We have rarely gifted lerned professionals in a stores that assistance them solve these problems.”

“I mean, it’s only a rarely technical business. And afterwards on tip of all that, training and building a scholarship to know what register we need in opposite markets takes time and experience, and that’s - the reason that a company, one of a reasons we’ve finished so good is since we’ve been so good during that, and there’s roughly 36,000 collection stores in a U.S. It’s unequivocally accessible to get collection and there’s a high immediacy of need when we have a automobile problem.”

Haslee sees problems for online retailers to penetrate a same market, in light of a profitable services supposing by O’Reilly’s employees:

“When we consider about a relations that we have with a veteran business and a dependency that they have on us to yield them training and superintendence and entrance to collection and a apparatus to keep their collection using and their apparatus running. And how fast they need collection and how if they’re not certain maybe in a indication year change where a automobile competence take one of dual parts, we’ll send them both and move a other one back. We’ll compare adult collection for them. Just, a list goes on and on and on of a things that we do, and we’re creation a placement core register accessible to them. In many markets, six, 8 times a day, that is - I consider that a online retailers, while they’ll - as they have proven over a years - they’ll continue to take a small bit of marketplace share here and there, we don’t see them scarcely as one of a many distinguished competitors.”

Here are a fourth-quarter formula from O’Reilly Automotive:

  • 18% boost in gain to $2.59 per share in a fourth entertain of 2016 from $2.19 in a fourth-quarter in 2015. 
  • Quarterly revenues went adult 8% to $2.10 billion from $1.95 billion a year ago.
  • Comparable store sales increasing 4.8% in a reported entertain compared with a 7.7% arise in a prior-year quarter.
  • Gross distinction rose 8% to $1.11 billion (53.1% of sales) from $1.03 billion (52.7% of sales) a year ago.
  • Earnings for full-year 2016 increasing 17% to $10.73 per share from $9.17 in 2015
  • Revenues for 2016 softened 8% to $8.59 billion from $7.97 billion in 2015

The batch is adult 4.36% during $273.61 a share on Wednesday afternoon.

Screen Shot 2017 02 08 during 3.14.02 PMREUTERS/ Nacho Doce

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