SEAT, Top Employer for third year in a row

SEAT is again in 2017 one of a best companies to work for in Spain. For a third year in a row, a association has perceived a Top Employer certificate, that given 1991 has been evaluating companies worldwide that offer a best operative conditions. The approval of SEAT as one of a best companies to work for in Spain consolidates a company’s joining to a personal and veteran growth of a workers and to ensuring them an glorious operative environment. SEAT is a usually automobile manufacturer in Spain that binds this accreditation.

The Top Employer certificate confirms a corporate plan of worker growth and training, as good as a several talent recruitment and influence programmes and a amicable advantages policy. SEAT is a largest employer in a attention in Spain, formulating over 100,000 approach and surreptitious jobs. The company’s workforce includes some-more than 14,000 employees. The association invests any year 14 millions euros in training, 4.5 times some-more than a normal in Spain per employee, and also comforts a extensive amicable advantages policy, including stretchable operative hours that 35% of a workforce advantages from.

SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros appreciated receiving once again a Top Employer accreditation, that “recognises a efforts in formulating an glorious operative sourroundings that enables a workers to grow privately and professionally. In addition, this approval also has an impact on attracting destiny talent, as it identifies SEAT as one of a many appealing companies to work for”, explained Xavier Ros.

Actions that make SEAT a Top Employer

SEAT’s joining to a workers’ training and development, as good as to attracting and maintaining talent, encourages a association to exercise several policies directed during a workforce. One of a vital groups includes a millennials, who comment for around 24% of all employees. The association recently promoted a collaborative digital workshop, formed on Facebook and involving immature employees adult to 27 years of age, to brand opportunities for alleviation in a areas of enlightenment and leadership, growth and learning, remuneration and opening and work methods.

SEAT has grown a benchmark training indication in Spain by a Apprentice School, that celebrates a 60th anniversary this year. More than 2,600 students have been lerned in this centre of excellence, that has blending to a changes and developments in vocational training programmes by incorporating pioneering systems such as Dual Vocational Training, desirous by a German model, that was implemented in 2012.

Healthy company

Also directed during formulating a best probable operative sourroundings for a workers, ensuring a earthy and mental health of a teams and compelling healthy lifestyles, SEAT has invested 3 million euros in a new Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre (CARS), that is located inside a Martorell facilities. The centre, that is scheduled to open this April, aims to yield workers with a latest advances in preventive, medical and remedial medicine. It will underline 25 professionals specialising in orthopaedics, radiology and cardiology, and among other innovations will yield a company’s some-more than 3,000 womanlike employees, 21% of a workforce, with with surety treatments associated to women’s health.

In addition, SEAT is a usually association in a automotive zone to accept a AENOR Healthy Company certificate. This model, that is formed on criteria by a World Health Organisation (WHO) and on a continual alleviation method, certifies that a association has successfully implemented a government complement that encourages and protects workers’ health, reserve and contentment in a workplace.

SEAT is a largest employer in a zone and one of a largest in a country. For any approach pursuit combined by SEAT, a sum of 7 jobs are combined in Spain. In a final 4 years, a company’s workforce has increasing by an normal of 102 employees per year, and in a work context of high girl unemployment, 53% of SEAT employees in 2015 were underneath a age of 30.

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