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WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan automobile supply emporium has close down Thursday interjection to some quick movement by a Secretary of State.

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s bureau says Blackwood Auto Repair in Wyoming had unofficial mechanics operative on vehicles.

The shop, located on Godfrey Avenue, has been during a core of a series of complaints. Those complaints stirred a correspondence investigation by SOS investigators.

Investigators found a emporium also didn’t have a consumer information pointer posted. The pointer shows business their elementary rights underneath a Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act, like their rights on created estimates and final invoices. The automobile correct emporium also supposing business with crude invoices.

Blackwood Auto Repair will have to correct a problems before a Secretary of State will concede it to reopen.

There are elementary stairs we can take to strengthen yourself:

    • Before we dump off your car during a correct shop, hunt a shop’s walls for a business permit and mechanics’ certifications. Licensed shops should have both on display.
    • Check a Secretary of State’s website to make certain a business is licensed.
    • Check with a Better Business Bureau to see if a trickery has had prior complaints and how they were handled.

Consumers who have a censure opposite Blackwood Auto Repair in Wyoming should call a Office of Investigative Services Automotive Complaint Line during 888.767.6424.

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