Students pattern singular ‘terrain car’

Having selected their ‘terrain car,’ a mind child of a month-long perfected efforts to pattern a imperishable automobile that could infer useful in negotiating high and severe roads, a students of Thangal Kunhi Memorial college in Kollam are good staid to showcase their automobile during an automotive competition report in Indore on Feb 25.

By 23 students

The car, designed by a group of 23 students of a college, is headed by P. Jishnu, a final year Mechanical engineering grade student. Jishnu hails from Kanhangad in a district.

Jishnu’s group was selected to showcase their self grown vehicle, that was fabricated regulating specifically designed gadgets alien from United States, Taiwan, and heading Indian automotive centres of Noida and Bengaluru.

The students’ automobile was selected to be exhibited during a uncover conducted by a ‘Society of Automotive Engineers – BAAHA -2017’ after they competed with over 150 engineering colleges to vaunt their indigenously grown vehicles, Mr. Jishnu told
The Hindu
here on Tuesday.

As a group leader, Mr. Jishnu along with other members visited Bengaluru to perform a norms compulsory for holding partial in a event, he said.

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