TBJH students get glance during AHS classes

The students initial collected in a auditorium where Curriculum Director Joyce McCoy told them these opportunities can yield knowledge in opposite career fields to concede a students a possibility to get meditative about life after school.

“You’re going to learn by doing,” McCoy told a students. “We have many, many opportunities for you. And so we wish we to devise forward so that we competence start meditative about what we wish to do.”

McCoy also explained a Early College module AHS offers that allows students to stay an additional year and accept their associate grade during no additional cost to a student.

The students were separate into groups and went to a opposite classrooms to accommodate a teachers and learn about a opportunities. Leading a groups were students from a high school’s caring class.

The 12 classes enclosed agriscience and healthy resources, automotive technology, geometry and construction, building trades, business management, cosmetology, drafting, health caring occupations, selling cluster, woodworking technology, visible imaging and welding.

Sydney Chojnacki, who wants to turn an orthodontist when she is older, pronounced a expo supposing her an event to see a opposite career options available. Chojnacki pronounced when it becomes time she is formulation to enroll in a Early College module by a school.

“I’ll start during Alpena Community College and afterwards hopefully we can send to a University of Michigan to finish my degree,” she said.

TBJH Principal Steve Genschaw pronounced this was a approach to uncover a opposite opportunities students might not differently know about as good as assistance with scheduling.

“Some of a classes a students are saying currently are accessible to them come subsequent year,” he said. “This shows them these opportunities exist and it can assistance them report to their possess interest.”

Genschaw pronounced in May each tyro will make a outing to a 4 year university to see a opposite aspects of college life. He pronounced that 75 percent of a students have not seen a university, so if it helps inspire only one tyro who might differently not take a collegiate route, afterwards it was value it.

The expo was partial of February’s Career and Technical month.

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