Technician.Academy Unveils New ‘Respect Is Learned’ Campaign

Technician.Academy, a personalized online and on-site training module for automotive technicians, has denounced a new selling debate with a tagline, “Respect is Learned,” to strengthen a summary of continual preparation for technicians in a automotive industry.

Technician.Academy says it is committed to providing technicians with a many present believe they need to benefit honour in a automotive industry. Now, a classification wants to behind adult that joining with a new motivational debate called Respect is Learned and a slogan, “Respect – a some-more we learn, a some-more we earn.”

“The Technician.Academy Respect is Learned debate is all about moving a technicians of currently and tomorrow,” pronounced Richard Young, an ASE Certified Master Technician and executive of aftermarket calm and programs for EXTEND PERFORMANCE, that runs Technician.Academy. “Our idea is for these technicians to ceaselessly boost their knowledge, and we feel like a sparkling incentives will give them a additional pull to do that,” he says.

The Technician.Academy Respect is Learned debate encourages a automotive technicians of currently and tomorrow to enhance their believe to stay on tip of their ever-changing careers. As partial of a campaign, Technician.Academy will offer those posterior a career in a automotive attention not usually a event to learn and acquire respect, though also special incentives and promotions.

For some-more information, greatfully hit Technician.Academy and EXTEND PERFORMANCE during 855-306-8818 or by


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