What’s drizzling from your car? Find out for free

Interactive graphic: Diagnose your car’s leak

There’s a puzzling soppy patch underneath your car.

If you’re like many folks, your initial suspicion is oil leak. If we know a small something about cars, maybe we supplement coolant to a list of possibilities. (If you’re like me, we simply shrug.)

Engine oil and coolant (anti-freeze) are a tip offenders when it comes to leaks from vehicles. But a tangible list of intensity sources of leaks is many longer.

Transmission fluid. Power steering fluid. Brake fluid. Fuel.

And those are only a basics.

How about windshield washer fluid, or battery acid? The list goes on. (I can supplement differential oil from experience.)

“There are so many some-more fluids than oil,” pronounced Mark Dowdle, owners of Everett Tire and Automotive. “They’re all poisonous to a certain extent.”

And that becomes a regard when those fluids get held adult in one of a visit rains, pouring into stormwater systems and trickling on down a line into a waters of Puget Sound.

The state’s informal Don’t Drip and Drive debate aims to assistance forestall that environmental ill. (Bonus: Keeping a cars in good operative condition.) The module started with automotive upkeep workshops led by internal automobile emporium teachers from high schools and technical colleges. Those valid immensely popular.

This year, a module combined giveaway visible trickle inspections during participating automobile correct stores.

I motionless to save $80 and try out a new service. So we headed over to Everett Tire and Automotive, one of some-more than 200 AAA-approved shops participating in a program.

Dowdle popped a hood on my family’s SUV and started indicating to intensity problem areas he can eyeball though even relocating anything around. “Right out of a embankment we can have 8 probable liquid leaks there.”

Veteran automechanic Robert Weldon propped a automobile adult so we could get a debate underneath as well. He forked to some blowing of spindle douse nearby one wheel, though it was “insignificant” and zero to worry about.


I was a initial Don’t Drip and Drive patron during a downtown shop. But a list of intensity business with genuine need is long.

Aging cars are many susceptible. “I can substantially find a trickle in any comparison car,” Dowdle said.

And if they do mark a leak? The Don’t Drip and Drive inducement module also comes with a 10 percent bonus on repairs, adult to $50.

Program operators wish that’s adequate inducement to pull drivers who already think they have a trickle to get it checked out.

Sometimes people put off repairs since they are endangered about a costs. Weldon has worked with business to take a step-by-step approach, regulating one thing during a time to widespread out a costs.

“It’s improved to have a diversion devise contra entrance in when it’s broken,” concluded Dowdle. “That chairman that knows they have a leak, it’s a giveaway investigation to find out a extent. You don’t have to buy anything from me. At slightest we can know.”

Don’t Drip and Drive is orderly by a Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM) consortium, a Washington Department of Ecology and some-more than 400 nonprofit partners. The Department of Ecology provides vital appropriation by a extend to King County.

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Don’t be a drip

The Don’t Drip and Drive module offers giveaway automobile upkeep and trickle showing workshops, as good as giveaway trickle inspections during participating automobile correct shops.

There are 3 Snohomish County locations that offer workshops any month. Here is a subsequent seminar date during any location:

• Marysville Pilchuck High School, 5:30-9:30 p.m. Wednesday

• Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Friday

• Cascade High School, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Mar 4

Learn some-more — and find a list of automobile correct shops that offer giveaway inspections and trickle correct discounts — during fixcarleaks.org.

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