Yucaipa Auto Collision to enhance to a second location

Yucaipa Auto Collision located during a dilemma of California and Avenue E will shortly be expanding to an 8 brook automotive correct facility, only north of a Post Office and directly opposite a travel from Inland Leaders Charter School. The site is now unimproved and used as a lot for crawl parking for a existent shop.

Assistant Planner Ben Mat­lock presented a object to Planning Commission during a Feb. 1 meeting.

He pronounced a plan is on a .44-acre parcel directly north of a post office. The Conditional Use Permit is for a 5,120 sq. ft. automotive correct trickery with 8 drive-in bays and will have dual apart isolated buildings with an particular footprint of 2,560 block feet.

The due reversal is located during a south finish of a site with a reversal of 5 feet from a skill line. Two parking spaces are to be commissioned in front of a bureau area and additional parking is during a behind of a site.

Matlock remarkable a series of comments from neighbors, that enclosed concerns with parking issues, charge H2O runoff, and sound generated on site.

Yucaipa Planning Commiss­ioner Vanessa Register asked questions about California Environmental Quality Act of 1970 (CEQA) grant discipline on dangerous substances, paint thinners, primers sealers that “are deliberate dangerous in a state of California.” She asked how a city would residence that.

City Engineer Fermin Pre­ciado pronounced a dangerous materials would be legalised as partial of a doing of a NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimin­ation System, a module implemented to constraint pollutants in charge water) and enforced by a Regional Water Quality Control Board, who would review a city’s inspections and reports and check a site. “The existent facility, a integrate doors down is enclosed in a list of annual inspections as partial of that process, a site in legalised each year.”

Register asked for some-more construction on a use of dangerous materials and a CEQA exemption.

Matlock pronounced a use of dangerous element does not “automatically need a plan be theme to CEQA.” A small-scale automotive trickery of this form does not use a poignant volume of dangerous materials and therefore would not trigger CEQA in this threshold, pronounced Matlock.

During open comment, Marion Lovelace spoke about her concerns with a automotive correct trickery being so tighten to homes and a licence propagandize opposite a street. She pronounced she lives subsequent doorway to a correct emporium and it hasn’t been “nice.”

“Due to a ordinance, they can use paint stripper outdoor,” pronounced Lovelace. “All day long. we got that from South Coast Quality Air Management Dis­trict. Everything goes behind to a businesses (doing) what they can. Fumes from a things they use is horrible. If a zephyr is only right it can go right opposite a travel to those children during a school.”

Chris L’Allier pronounced he lives tighten by and grows tomatoes in a behind of his property. He was endangered with that west side of a set parcel. “Wind comes up, it blows a particles around, particulates. One thing, a dirt from that paint has got to go somewhere. This is a retreat class so all a H2O flows to a west, to my parcel.”

The applicant Doug Goethe responded.

We honour and have concerns about a community,” pronounced Goethe. “We will (abide with) all a City discipline and regulations (with) all portrayal and all sanding prep stations. As distant as a noise, we are subsequent doorway to a post bureau already and a post bureau runs 24-hour all night. All a work will be finished inside. We won’t be operative outward during all.”

Commissioner Register pronounced stream parking is superfluous everywhere. “You’re parking cars on a path so people would have to go around. That concerns me,” she said. “You got containers all over a building. There are guys operative outward everywhere, on cars everywhere.”

Goethe pronounced that is one of a reasons they need to expand. “We wish to be as friendly to everybody as we can. The enlargement here is going to assistance us tremendously.”

Ultimately a elect voted 4-1 in preference of a CUP. Register voted opposite it.

The due hours of a new emporium would be Monday yet Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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